Rapping Legal Agreements and Laws

Yo, listen up ’cause I’m here to rap
About legal agreements and laws, no cap
When it comes to boarding, make sure you sign
The standard boarding agreement, don’t decline
And if you’re smoking delta 8 on the street
Check if it’s legal, don’t face defeat
Is it legal to smoke delta 8 in public, make sure you know
‘Cause getting in trouble can bring you low

Now let’s talk about medical board collaboration
In Texas, there’s a collaborative agreement situation
EEOC waiver settlement, what does it mean?
Understanding EEOC waiver settlement agreements is the vaccine
Indemnification and hold harmless, a legal concept
Sample agreements can protect, don’t be a suspect

Legal identification, what does it require?
If you’re not sure, let’s inquire
Legal identification must have both, that’s the deal
When traveling to Hong Kong, what are the rules?
Travel rules for COVID in Hong Kong, pack like you’re going to school

Are cast nets legal in Pennsylvania, you might wonder
Check the laws and regulations, no blunder
Are cast nets legal in Pennsylvania, follow the trail
Home distilling in the UK, is it allowed?
To know the answer, don’t be wowed
Is home distilling legal in the UK, keep it straight
And the NAACP legal defense fund definition, don’t understate

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